Monday, September 1, 2014

Farewell summer 2014

Since today is Labor Day, it's officially time to say goodbye to summer 2014. Here in the South, it's likely to be blisteringly hot and muggy for another six weeks or so. We've had a relatively mild summer overall though, so I really can't complain. While the calendar says summer is over, we get fooled 'round here sometimes. Of course, the days are already getting shorter and the nights cooler, so I know fall will be here soon. What does the end of summer mean for you?

For me, it means...

Less free time with regular school, night class, and my online school gigs
More interaction with a wider group of people - colleagues, parents, kiddos, and the public at large
Less pool, less tan, less showing of skin in general
More sports - football games!!! And prob some soccer & basketball too
Less eating out, less shopping, less running around in general
More planning, more scheduling, more to do lists
Less yard work - at least until all the leaves fall around mid-November
More focus on decorating and organizing and cleaning the inside of my house
Less sleeping in, less lounging, less laziness
More books to read, shows to watch, and projects to make

I've thoroughly enjoyed Summer 2014. While I didn't meet all of my goals or accomplish my bucket list, I did savor the free time, travel the world, and create a life I loved. Not bad, eh? Now, I just need to think about how I can make my fall and winter likewise amazing...

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