Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Travel abroad - Verona, Italy in review

We only spent a couple of hours exploring Verona before hitting the road, but it was a lovely little city to explore.
These are ruins of a coliseum from the time of the Roman empire. Gorgeous...and undergoing extensive renovations.

We posed for a group shot before we started exploring. This was one of the truly warm days on our trip + it rained on us making for a rather sticky afternoon.
How amazing are the colors of these buildings!
I found myself fascinated by the architecture this day - from the ruins of a Roman Empire era wall to the facade of a building that was prob 17th century to more modern buildings, I thought they were all gorgeous.

We actually ran into Sadie from Duck Dynasty as we walked around Verona; several kids stopped and had a photo opp with her, but I didn't snag a pic of that.

Haha - yes, Yates, I see you. Can you see that we're straggling a bit here and not as fully formed as a group as we should be? :)

Windowboxes filled with flowers - a European standard.

The main attraction here was the purported courtyard of Juliet Capulet's family in Romeo and Juliet and featured much later in the film Letters to Juliet.
There's the infamous balcony - rather unimpressive, isn't it?
Another shot of the 'castle' wall and her balcony...
The courtyard was much more sheltered than I expected, and the house was right in the center of town which I'd never really thought about before this visit.
It's supposed to be good luck to rub the breast of this statue in Juliet's courtyard - Yates totally enjoyed the process. Lol!
I think Rush enjoyed his moment of 'good luck' too. I would've rubbed the statue's boob too, but the crowd was just too much for me to fight. I was ready to get out of there!
Juliet's balcony from below.
Some graffiti in the archway leading to Juliet's courtyard - people had written lots of messages and love notes there.

Here's the main square in Verona.

There was a kind of flea market being held in the main square. I bought a few trinkets for my friends/family back home.
The quintessential clock and bell tower in the main square - its notes were lovely when it chimed.

 I love that the Italians have water fountains for the public in their squares - usually, those fountains have potable water in them; you just have to look for the sign engraved telling you so on the side.
 Selfie in the main square - holla!
 I bought some of this gorgeous fruit for a snack as I strolled around the city - I highly recommend eating as much fresh fruit in Italy as you can. It's amazingly sweet!
 I think I could live here...
 Hair's kind of frizzy here, but I wanted another pic and was just meandering about by myself. Y'all know what that means - selfie.
 A sudden bit of rain sent everyone scurrying to find shelter under tents and in the shadows of buildings.
 It washed the streets and made the cobblestones glitter in the sunlight, but it also heated things up to feel like a muggy afternoon in Kentucky.
 Waiting for the bus and hamming it up with Key and Jernigan.
Penn and Hiltner pose for me before loading the bus to our next desination.

Verdict: Verona was a lovely place to spend a few hours this afternoon; I'm not sure it'd be a destination in and of itself, but I certainly appreciated it as a pitstop on our longer journey. Ciao!

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