Saturday, September 20, 2014

Creating a blog schedule - your input?

Lately, I've been thinking about how I can create a blog schedule that would have some continuity, some flow to it. When I did the series of Travel Tuesdays this summer, I really liked the vibe of that. I knew that every Tuesday would be about a different city I had visited in Europe; I had tons of pics to share, and I could choose how many or how few words I included to describe what we were doing. That started me thinking: maybe a regular sort of posting on a couple of different days a week would help me stick to my grand blogging plans and would help drive traffic to my blog too.

The question becomes, what on earth could I do? It needs to be something long term that won't fade out quickly. I managed to do my travel Tuesdays for about 10 weeks, but I'd really like to do something that could last even longer than that - maybe a whole season or a whole year. Wouldn't that be amazing? I have a great time blogging and really want to continue to blog daily whenever possible, but I'm starting to feel like I need some of your input or guidance. Of course, I follow lots of blogs and get inspiration from them occasionally, but I'd really like to tailor things to what you're seeking whenever possible.

I'm still playing around with some ideas, but I'd love to hear if you have any preferences or suggestions. What would you like to see more of on my blog? More family stuff? More scrapbooking? More projects that aren't scrapbooking? More recipes? More recommendations? More pets? More of the fella? More about my job? I'm just wondering what kind of content you might prefer to read on my blog.

Conversely, what kinds of posts don't you like? What are the posts that you click on and think, 'Eh, I don't really care about this.' Which posts drive you nuts? For example, I don't really like giveaway posts on the blogs I read, so that's not something I've included on my blog up to this point. You can be honest; I want to create the kind of content that you're willing to view and read and maybe even leave me a comment regarding.

Finally, what kinds of things do you wish you could read about but haven't seen yet? Maybe you're just dying to find out what I buy at the grocery store or what my closet looks like. (Dear God, I don't know if I could share either of those things out of fear of!) Maybe you want deep thoughts and personal tributes to the important people in my life. I'm sure someone out there has something you'd love to read and haven't seen on my blog yet. Inquiring minds want to know what that would be.

Thanks in advance for anything you're willing to share!



  1. i don't much care for reading about giveaways or sponsored messages that don't seem real. i haven't ever felt like that about anything i've read on your blog though. i like your fashion posts, when you show your outfits, or creative stuff you make. yes i mean even the stuff you didn't think turned out the way you wanted it to. i also like your recipes or what you found at the farmer's market, pics of the dog, your family, friends, or old photos. i think old photos from out past are fun. you could do one of those currently posts once a week or once a month like currently i'm reading, my fave tv show is, or currently thinking about, or currently craving or creating. you can a post of a photo you took because you were inspired by the image. maybe you were inspired by the color red or the lyrics to this song made me think of the moon. basically your blog should be authentically YOU. what i mean is. don't post about something you aren't interested in or feel obligated to share. only post or share whatever YOU feel comfortable with or want. it's YOUR blog. it's a reflection of you. since you're a writer you can even post quotes you came up with or poems. it's whatever you choose dear tiffany. :)

  2. I enjoy reading your blog because it feels authentic, and you blog regularly. I don't enjoy giveaways on blogs either. I have really enjoyed it when you have shown things you tried, but they didn't work out like you were thinking they would. Too many times blogs try to show a perfect project and/or life, and things aren't always perfect. I also like that you take so many selfies; I need to get better about that. Maybe you could have one day a week be a selfie day; it could inspire your readers to go take one too. Really, I think your blog should be about things that you want to blog about. If you are interested then your readers will be interested too; I bet that sounds similar to something you tell your students. :)

  3. I also thought of the Selfie day where you post your fave selfie of the past week. I also love your scrapbooking, so anything to do with that - layouts, design tips, pictures of your stash, what you enjoy using and what you find difficult to use in a layout, any mini-albums, etc. And then anything else that you are interested in. Love the pets posts, travel, home/work posts. Have fun!

  4. I love looking at your scrapbook pages & I admire you for your connection with your students, I like that you keep it all real.

  5. I think you should do a regularly scheduled blog post that relates to something you are teaching! I know I'm always fascinated by what you are teaching and when you tell me, I go into a trance thinking about it all. LOL! I also think you should regularly post about how awesome your best friend is and how you couldn't live without her - she sounds like a great gal! :)