Friday, September 19, 2014

Speaking of living creatively

If you've listened to this week's podcast, then you know it's all about living a creative life. In light of that topic, I thought I'd share some tips, tricks, and inspiration lists about living creatively. I hope you enjoy!

Isn't this a great, colorful poster? I'd love to print it out and have it hanging in my studio space. I think I need to dance more often; that might really help my creativity flow. Of course, I'd have to do that in private...with my tambourine... (podcast reference, anyone? lol)

Hmm, I really need to try #4, #6, #8, #20, and #31. I don't think #27 sounds fun at all. And #33 makes me feel kind of anxious; I can't imagine why. Hahahaha!

While a lot of the information is the same from the last list, I think the typography/graphics on this one are cool. I especially love #12 and #29.

Yes, I should try more of #4, #7, and #9. I've got to sleep sometime, so the whole middle of the night thing just isn't feasible when I'm working. 

Which of these tips have you tried? Which ones work for you and which seem sort of crazy? Tell me how you feed your creative soul.


  1. You and Tracie had me laughing right along with you about the tambourine! I don't know what was more funny--that Tracie thought it was funny that the guy asked you to dance with one, or that Tracie has a professional tambourine herself :) Love the podcasts and laughing along with the two of you!!

  2. OH my gosh!! I was ROLLING while listening to you girls (I have listened to 2.5 podcast the past 2 evenings) you are the most fun non-company-company I can have while scrapping!!