Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Travel abroad - Heidelberg castle

Heidelberg Castle and the town beneath it...simply lovely. Hope you enjoy our visit in pictures!

Here I am posing with Jernigan.

We listened to some brief comments about the castle and the surrounding area.

Isn't that a gorgeous view?

Here's a pic of all our kiddos on the tour + the chaperones.

Volleyball players and their coach pose for a shot - Key, Jernigan, Jordan, Bolton, and Bolton.

Thought this was a cool angle - Edmunds, Yates, Simic, Higdon, Rush, and Johnson with Widener stepping in from the back.

These two lovelies wanted a shot with me - Simic, me, Jordan.

Helton, Jewell, Morris, and Morris stopped for a group shot too.

Isn't that view incredible?

Of course, we had to have a few shots in the turret around the back of the castle - Bristow, Vaughn, Jordan, Bolton, Galloway, Morris.

Jordan and Warner doing the couple thing for their shot around the back ledge of the castle.

Here I am posing with the fellas, Warner and Potter.

These were our fearless fellow tour leaders from New Mexico, Erik and Lynn.

Waiting on a bench...

Apparently, Yates was feeling contemplative.

As was Porter.

Then Yates and Simic hugged up for their photo op.

Waiting on a ledge...

Some actors were preparing for a performance at a festival that weekend.

The selfie game is strong, people.

Aren't they cutie patooties? Johnson, Higdon, Rush, Hiltner, and Penn in the back and Bristow, Jones, Jernigan, and Key in the front.

Coach Widener strikes one of his infamous poses....

Oops, paparazzi pose here...

Giant wine cask barrel built into the foundation of Heidelberg castle - pretty cool, eh?

The giant wine cask/barrel made Coach Settle a very happy guy. Hahaha!

We're all looking pretty happy, aren't we?

We grabbed lunch on the road...I went with a simple veggie panini.

The bus trips sapped us all of our energy...

Even Settle and I couldn't resist the inclination to nap...hilarious, eh?

See ya'll in the next city! Peace out!

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