Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Art journaling - a few more mini-successes

I drew these flowers by looking at a piece of 4 X 4 patterned Jenni Bowlin paper. I just sketched it totally in pencil first then colored the flower center with pencils and my water brush. After that, I outlined the flowers using a black calligraphy pen. I wrote the words in pencil first, then traced over them with the same black pen. Finally, I colored the background of the page a bit and went over that with my water brush too. I'm pleased with how it turned out overall.

When you don't draw, using a ruler and pencil to create a Tardis is really the perfect way to go. I made this piece just for fun one day last week. Since I'm just on season 1, I'm not sure I qualify as a true Whovian, but this is still going in my art journal. :)

This page was a little bit of a copout since I traced the weiner dog on it. I still had fun making it though, so I guess that's what really matters. Right, right?

I'm still not sure where I stand in this whole art journaling thing. I'm going to continue exploring and playing, so I guess the verdict is still out on this particular form of artistic expression. We'll just have to see. Stay tuned later this week for some miserable art journal failures. Y'all know you want to see them...

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