Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Concert in the park - tiny town style

Last weekend, I headed to Franklin, KY to hear a band that Tracie's husband plays in but that I'd never heard. The Nashvegas All-Stars were lots of fun to listen to - I highly recommend them if you ever have the chance to listen.

There's Tracie's husband, Mike, playing the bass in the back right hand side of the stage under the Summer Nights sign.

After grabbing a quick dinner at a local 'meat and 3' - Hot Plate, we drove down to Franklin about 30 minutes away. Lori and Junior are always game for a little road trip, so they gladly played along with my ideas for plans.

Junior finally managed to take a pic of Lori and me that we both approved; it must be hard to try to please a couple of princesses, right? Lol!

I think I'd like to go to concert in the park in Franklin again, but I'd get there early enough to take pics of the buildings around the square. This is a shot of the courthouse, but the lighting was a bit 'off' - daytime or twilight pics would be much better.

Have you explored any little towns around your hometown lately? This experience just makes me want to explore even more. :)

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