Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Travel abroad - Amsterdam in review

Here I am toasting the city -  I just don't have the words to adequately describe Amsterdam. I want to get to know this city better. I want to go back, without students next time. I want to wander the streets and explore and taste and live life in A'dam. The roughly 48 hours we spent there just weren't enough. For now, I'll just let the pics below paint a bit of a picture of Amsterdam for you.

I'll be back, darling; I promise I'll be back with you soon.


  1. WOW. so many amazing sights! what class/what is the main objective of the trip with the students? its obviously not a band trip... I am so in awe of their opportunity!!

  2. tiffany those photos are fabulous! definitely go without the kids so you don't have to worry about acting all adult teacher & can do whatever YOU want. :)