Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sharing a layout - Loved

Here's another layout where I printed my journaling right on the background cardstock. When I have a lot to say, it's helpful to journal that way. Granted, I think it has a different feel from my handwritten layouts, but I like having the mix in my albums.

Here's a closer look at the photos and the title treatment.

Here's a closer look at the journaling.

As I was working with these pictures, I realized I don't have many pictures of myself with my mom. I hate that.While I haven't always been conscious of it, I think that's one of the reasons I like to take so many pics with my daughter. She's pretty good about being a good sport for the constant photos and sometimes even prompts me to take photos when I haven't thought of it. She's a pretty good egg, that girl is. ;)

Here's to hoping that you find a way to document your relationship with your mom and the one with your adult children - the sooner the better.


  1. Great page and reminder that we need to be in our pictures and scrapbooks too! My mom never liked how she looked in photos, and as a result I don't have many pictures of her, much less ones of the two of us together. That was my wakeup call to make sure I was in the pictures too--my kids will want those shots. Luckily my daughter loves to take selfies of the two of us whenever we are together!

  2. yes take more pics of you & your mom. i don't take enough of me & my mom either. you & your daughter look so much alike side by side. :)

  3. I wish I had met your Mom before she passed. I almost could have! It's so funny because we are polar opposites (once again) in the way we parent our daughters. I craved that "crazy in love, you are my everything" feeling from my Mom and didn't get it so I make sure I give it to my daughter and you got it and love your daughter in a loving but "she can do her own thing and make her own decisions" kind of way. It's amazing how our relationship with our parents affects us as parents. Amazing. Now my daughter may turn out to parent like you do but I doubt it because she actually seems to want me to shower her with affection. I guess she's emotionally needy, like me. Actually, I know she is. I love this page!! Very important story! I hope you show it to Kelsey!