Friday, July 11, 2014

My living room right now

I love to see other people's homes. Sometimes when I'm driving around town or walking through my neighborhood, I'll look to see if I can make out the decor in people's homes as I pass by them. Is that weird? Oh well, if it is, I don't really care. In the spirit of taking a look at other people's decor, I thought I'd share with you my living room today. I did just pick up a bit, but I promise I haven't done anything special in here before sharing. If you've wanted to know what Lowderland looks like, well, here's your chance. Lol!

My home was built by my grandparents in 1956 and is a simple, one story, brick ranch. About six years ago, I did a gut job on the living areas of the house and remodelled. Here is the resulting living room...

Yes, most of my house is painted a leapfrog green on the inside. Green is my favorite color; it makes me very happy. My friends thought I was nuts when I told them what color I had planned during my remodel, but I think it turned out just right. (I did a 1/4 tint on the ceiling to help them recede a little bit. One drawback to an older home is the relatively low ceiling height.)

I regret choosing tile for my flooring, but I thought it made the most sense at the time. I should've gone with hardwood. Oh well, next time around I will. (That's my guy bff's Boston terrier on the couch; I'm babysitting her while he's in Texas visiting family this week.)

I hate the wires that have fallen out behind my television wall mount. I should get someone to do something about that... Oh, and have I mentioned that I despise my tv mount? My exhusband picked that thing out; why in the world did I agree to bring that thing home? Yuck. Add that to my list of things to change in the house asap.

Here's the view as if you're walking in the front door. You can see a peek of my kitchen on the right - notice I didn't even put my purse away before taking this pic. Lol! The door on the right leads to the garage, while the door on the left is to my laundry room. (No, y'all aren't going to see pics of that!) The cabinet to the left of the tv holds dvds and knick-knacks inside it with scrapbook albums on top, and the cabinet on the right of the tv holds dvds and mini-albums inside of it. Both pieces are antiques from my grandparents.

And here's a shot from that same spot looking into my dining room and out into the backyard.

So how would I describe my style overall? Hmm, maybe I'm a Pottery Barn wannabe? How about eclectic modern farmhouse? Haha. Idk what style I have necessarily; I do know that I like clean lines with lots of black and white trim/accents. I don't love any of my furniture at the moment, but I'm unwilling to replace it right now. All in good time, my friend, all in good time.

Hope you enjoyed a peak into my living room. :)


  1. cute house and i love green too!

  2. go tiffany for painting your walls a color that makes you happy! i'm marveling over how spot white your fire place is.your man's dog is cute i couldn't see your purse though, and yes i'm wearing my glasses. oh definitely get rid of the ex thing you don't like. donate pile. i like the view of your dining room from your living room. your couches look so comfortable. your tile floor looks nice.hardwood floor is super expensive. plus my next door neighbor is putting tile because the hardwood laminate he put in a couple years ago, already got scratched up by his family.

  3. I like your furniture!!!! I would like to point out that I have always loved your green walls so I guess you were referring to all your other friends. Hmmm...... :)

  4. I had a lot of green in my last house & loved it!!! (Moved to New Mexico where we will live temporarily for a few years - everything it tan,tan,tan but not worth repainting for this short time). I think your home looks inviting, I love white woodwork & accents. Nicely done!

  5. I love the story behind your house & some of your furnishings! Replace what you don't like with what you love little by little. make it all your own.