Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ode to Spring

Oh, Spring, you played coy
And only came when you were ready
To dance in on ballet slippers
Then hide in the shadows lest you make us heady.

You flirted and toyed with us
Drawing birdies from the nests,
Bringing the buds of daffodils out of their cocoons
Then drifting back to southern climes for a bit more rest.

Oh, Spring, your warm breeze skittered across my skin yesterday
And your smiling sun filled my skin aglow.
But tomorrow harbors clouds that chill, stiff doldrums,
And bitter wind that blows.

You are a fickle lover,
Saying yes then shaking your golden locks in "No!"
You taunt and play and run and dance
When all the world only wants to say hello.

I should play harder to get, but I can't help
But welcome you back with open arms, Spring, my lover.
You trick my wardrobe, tickle my nose, and make my eyeballs itch:
Spring, thou art truly a heartless bitch.

***Thought you might like a little 'poetry' on this lovely spring day. As I battle through allergies, I'm trying to find the goodness of a Kentucky spring that is a bit on the schizophrenic side of things.


1 comment:

  1. I'm mad at the weather today and you're waxing poetic! LOL It's 45 here and I'm surprised I didn't wake up to everything dead. It looks deceptive. Blue skies, sunshine, green grass and boom, freezing cold air! :)