Saturday, April 19, 2014

Little bits of happiness last weekend

Saturdays are for chores and errands and sunshine.  I 'made' breakfast...pretty yummy omelettes and toast. Then I promptly went back to bed for a couple of hours. What can I say? This girl loves her sleep.

Saturday evening Hall of Distinguished Alumni dinner with the fella. Here's a picture of this year's inductees. I didn't get a pic of the fella and me. What was I thinking? :(

Isn't the locale swanky?  I felt a bit like a socialite attending a 'function.'

Sunday morning, I slept in a bit and was treated to breakfast by the fella. No pics of me with morning hair - ya'll don't want to see that, trust me.

Sunday afternoons and evening are for family, relaxing, and craftiness. Lowder-dog, Charlie-dog and I enjoyed some time out in the sunshine Sunday afternoon.

Spent the afternoon getting my crafty groove on and working on some projects to share on my blog. My 'boyfriend in law' worked on my yardwork; he's a gem. I'm quite lucky that Jake takes his time to help me with my yardwork almost every week during the spring/summer. I do feed him regularly, but that's really all he's getting out of it. Maybe it earns him brownie points with Kelsey.

I made dinner for Kelsey and Jake, partly as thank you for the yardwork and partly because I just love 'em. She wanted an artichoke pasta; it wasn't my favorite, but they seemed to love it. I need to search out some new vegetarian recipes for those two.

My heart is full. My life is full. Hope you enjoyed my little bits of weekend happiness and that you had some little bits of happiness too.

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