Thursday, April 17, 2014

Isn't she lovely?

Yep, that's my girl. Her boyfriend texted me the other night to tell me they'd borrowed my camera to do a mini photoshoot in his parents' yard. I almost died when I realized they'd taken my brand new camera - not even a week old, but I just encouraged them to be extremely careful. That camera is my baby, ya know. Look how great their pics came out in just automatic mode! Plus, those tulips are just rad. (Jake's mom has an uber green thumb!)

A dancer hanging out in a tree? Well, sure. Makes perfect sense to me.

I love the casual feel of this pic. It captures her vibe very well.

See those catchlights? See that relaxed expression? That's the girl I know and love. Good job on that ic, Jake!

This pic takes me back to Kelsey at about age 5 - those eyes, that grin. Nostalgia is overwhelming me, people.

Looking oh so grown up in this shot! (She swears all the dancers at university level wear their tights on the outside of their leotards, but it seems weird to me. What do I know? I'm just the mom.)

And another favorite shot in my opinion. Love the design of the leotard and how her tattoo pops in the shot. That's my baby girl!

I love her a little bit. Guess I'll keep her. :) Mwah!


  1. Beautiful pics and beautiful girl! I am not usually a fan of tattoos but on her they work! They go with her personality and they're pretty. She is such a little doll. I love that girl.

    1. She's got that whole vintage vibe going on, doesn't she? I always think of Elsie Flannigan and her quirky style when I try to describe Kelsey. :)