Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wednesday wrap-up

Tracie & I went to a regional basketball game Friday night & had a great time! Sometimes I take school stuff for granted, but it is usually pretty fun. Here we are with a couple of selfies - my specialty. ;)

On Saturday, we recorded a few episodes of ScrapGals, enjoyed a lovely lunch, and did a li'l shopping.

On Sunday, I ran errands, including the grocery and the car wash, then made dinner for the fella.

This work week has been about finishing papers (my students), grading assignments (me), decorating the mantel (for spring) and enjoying a lunch out (with the fella).

I'planning on starting a layout tonight. With any luck, I'll have some new projects to share this weekend. Peace out!

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  1. I keep forgetting that you're blogging and then I check and you have several! You need to post a link on FB or the ScrapGals page when you post! I loved this one. I cracked up because in that pic of me at lunch, the person behind me is wearing a baseball cap so I'm wearing a tiny one it seems. :) I love the kissy face of us. We are too cute. Loved spending time with you!