Tuesday, March 11, 2014

It was a bright, bright sunshiney day!

Those socks and white legs are sexy, eh? Lol - def not! It's 6:35 pm as I begin to type this entry and still 73 degrees outside. That's amazing considering we had 6 inches of snow + an inch of ice this time last week. Now, we're supposed to drop 40+ degrees tomorrow and have snow flurries, but this is about today... Today, I left school just as soon as possible and went straight home. I only had an hour and a half until my night class started, and I planned to take advantage of the afternoon sunshine. (I teach an adult night class for people who didn't earn their diplomas; it's an alternative credit recovery program that results in an actual diploma for students who finish. I have students from age 18 to age 56 this semester.) Off came the boots, the jacket, and the jewelry. Out on the deck I went. Into my rocking chair I settled with Lowder-dog at my feet and my phone in my lap. After turning on some Pistol Annies on my phone and setting my alarm, I settled back to relax. I breathed the warm air. I studied my eyelids. I stared up at the sky. I hummed along with my tunes. I rocked and created my own rhythm. I soaked the sunshine into my bones. I daydreamed. I imagined. I savored the breeze on my skin. I thought. I remembered. Too soon, my alarm buzzed indicating it was time to head back to school for night class. My brief respite in the sunshine didn't last long, but it was enough to get me through this long day. Hopefully, it'll be enough to get me through the few more days of cold, wintry weather that southern Kentucky is known for in March. It does make me long for real spring - a visceral yearning that seems worse than in years past. Someday my spring will come....lol. What did YOU do today that recharged your soul?

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  1. I was a loser and stayed in the house all day and now I regret it because it's back to chilling me to the bones today! I loved this post!