Thursday, February 6, 2014

Crafty organization

Earlier this week, I stopped by HL to snag a scrappy magazine and decided to do a quick walk through of the store 'just in case' something else caught my eye. Famous last words, right? Well, in the spring section, I found a couple of lovely divided boxes that just screamed Project Life storage to me. I carried one back to the scrapbooking aisle and tested that theory with a package of cards. Yes! Success! I wasn't sure I 'needed' both boxes, but I decided to buy both since there weren't any others on the shelf. I was worried they wouldn't have it if I waited. At 30% off! they were roughly $19 each - kind of pricey but definitely something I could use in my studio or even as decor in other parts of my house. Since they're real wood, I could picture many different uses. 

I worked on putting my PL cards in the various slots last night and discovered I could use the smaller side slots for other cards - journaling spots and 'off' sizes like October Afternoon. I'm not sure I'm happy with my categories yet, so I reserve the right to change those. One box has the PL brand cards with rounded corners and is divided by size and style - journaling cards, title cards, and background cards. I also have a slot for horizontal 3 x 4 cards that are mixed. The other box contains the squared edge cards from manufacturers like Simple Stories and Snap. I divided them roughly the same way as the PL cards. I haven't really divided the 4 x 6 cards into categories because there are fewer of them and I don't have as many slot choices in that size.

Overall, I'm very happy with the accessibility of the cards now, and I think they look really pretty on my desk. (Please excuse the touch-up and trim painting that needs to be finished in my space. I wanted to share my find even though things aren't looking perfect.)


  1. I am so super jealous of those wood trays it's not even funny.

  2. I am cracking up at your PL part 2 podcast where Tracie is almost hyperventilating about how you store your cards, so I just had to come and look! I love it :-)