Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine craftiness

After seeing lots of burlap door hangings on etsy and Pinterest and in some local boutiques, I decided to give it a shot myself.

Here are some things I learned:
- use a pattern. I freehand drew my heart & it's awkwardly large. 
- do not stuff with newspaper before painting. Use plastic as a moisture barrier or paint top and let dry before adhering the backside.
- work from the far edge to the near edge. Duh!
- prep burlap before painting. It really soaked up the paint; maybe some sort of modpodge layer would've helped.
- investigate placement of hanger. Mine feels a little wobbly, but I'm not sure what I need to change there.
- play with bow placement. I don't love where mine is, but I'm not sure how I'd change it unless I just put it directly on the top edge of the hanging.

That said - I can't wait to make some more door decorations! :)

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