Wednesday, November 29, 2017

My Grown-Up Christmas Wish List - *not stuff

I thought it might be fun to document what my Christmas list looks like at this point in my life. Sure, there are some things that I want, but I find these days that most things on my list aren't really those that can be purchased in a store. Besides peace on earth and an end to want and all that good stuff, there are some specific things I wish for the people in my life and myself. Take a look at my list and consider making one of your own.

My Grown-Up Christmas Wish List (the first two are pretty personal, but the others more broadly apply to my friends and family and my wishes for them)

1. I wish that Kelsey will be able to snag a job that uses her skills/degrees, sparks her passion, and compensates her fairly.

2. I wish that Jake will finish his degree this spring as planned and find a position with a company that treats him well.

3. I wish that my friends who are battling illnesses are healed and that their pain is diminished.

4. I wish that my friends who are suffering loss and grief find peace and comfort in the memories of their loved ones.

5. I wish that my friends who are lonely reach out to someone upon whom they can depend for emotional support and company.

6. I wish that my friends who are searching for meaning and purpose in their lives find something that fulfills them.

7. I wish that the people in my life treat each other fairly and with kindness, even when they disagree.

8. I wish that a spirit of giving and helpfulness permeated every season in our hearts and not just Christmas.

9. I wish that those of us who are too busy take some time to rest and recharge and breathe.

10. I wish that those of us who tend to be negative would opt for the positive slant instead, to allow ourselves the gift of hope, to jump to the kind conclusion, and to give others the benefit of the doubt.

11. I wish that we all spend our time as carefully as we spend our money. And if we need to do better, then I hope that we will.

12. I wish that we all work on being more present in the moment and appreciating our lives at this moment.

What are the things on  your Christmas list that aren't really things at all?


  1. This is lovely, Tiffany. Wonderful food for thought as we careen like pinballs from Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Year's. Or is it, instead, a whooshing toboggan ride beginning at the top of the metaphorical hill at Halloween and not getting to the bottom until 1/1? :-) I want to be as present as possible this year and try not to force things to be what they are not.

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