Wednesday, September 13, 2017

More Project Life pages from Europe 2017

I initially shared some of my Project Life pages from my Europe 2017 trip with you last week, and I thought I'd check back in this week by sharing a few more of those with you. Notice that I've left some blank spaces on purpose because I want to incorporate some traditional scrapbooking elements on each page. I also want to use my own handwriting on some of these pages, so I've left space to do that as well. I'm not sure yet if I'll write directly on the background space provided or if I'll adhere some subtle patterned paper with my handwriting on it. I am looking forward to playing with that when I get the pages printed. I just placed my first print order for my PL pages, so look for an upcoming blog entry in the near future where I compare/contrast the prints from Persnickety Prints and from the PL app itself. I'm excited to get those prints and play with the pages some to finish up their final versions.

For now, you can see where I'm starting for a few pages that I made from the portion of the trip I spent with students.  Note that all of these pages have a white background for trim because I want to differentiate between my solo trip and my student trip for summer 2017.

After airing a ScrapGals podcast episode where I discussed my experience with the PL app last week, several listeners shared with me information that I had not known when I began using it.  For example, it's possible to use other kinds of cards/titles within the app if you import them using another program. I definitely plan to play around with some of these options that will give me more variety in my pages, but, for now, I'm sticking with what I have already purchased through the app and already know how to use.

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