Friday, September 15, 2017

A New Stitching Project

Holding a handful of floss for a new stitching project is always something I enjoy. Aren't these colors just delicious?

When I start a new stitching project, I always begin by searching for the floss I already own, and then I head to a craft store to buy the fabric (if needed) and any additional floss colors I couldn't find in my stash. This new project of mine has an interesting collection of colors, I think.

My new project is by Etsy seller Satsuma Street - I love that shop's patterns and highly recommend that you check out their selection. This is the third pattern from their city collection that I'm stitching. I've already completed Pretty Little Italy and Pretty Little Paris; up next is Pretty Little Amsterdam. You can see that I'm off to a fairly strong start after spending a weekend feeling puny on the couch and bingeing on both Netflix and stitching.

My goal is to finish this piece by Thanksgiving. I'm not a quick stitcher and often will put aside my projects for several days at a time. I also work intermittently on small projects at the same time. For those reasons, I try not to get too caught up in how long it takes me to complete a project. I figure a couple of months will be what I need to finish up this fun Amsterdam piece. I'd rather enjoy the process than stress about a completion date anyway.

Do you stitch? I'd love to know if you have any fun projects in the works. :)


  1. I use to cross-stitch a lot but haven't worked on anything in several years. Your post got me inspired to check out Etsy and I've ordered a pattern to start something new.

  2. I love stitching. I haven't done cross stitch in years. My last cross stitch project was an elaborate Christmas scene for my mother. It took me about four years to complete. These days I enjoy doing felt stitching projects. I've subscribed to a monthly "bitty banner" kit from Lily Anna Stitches that has been a lot of fun. Here's a link -