Thursday, February 9, 2017

What I Wore - Is that still a thing?

If you follow me on Instagram or listen to the ScrapGals podcast that I cohost, you probably already know that I like to take selfies. On any given day, I've probably snapped a selfie or two, many of which will NEVER be shared publicly. Let's be real: some of my selfies are pretty "hag-like" in nature. As a professional female in my 40s, there's a certain kind of pressure to look a particular way for my job while still managing to feel/look youthful, and you know that can be a challenge for all of us. I also like fashion and try to 'up my game' in terms of fashion whenever possible. While I'm not someone who wears designer clothes, per se, I do like good quality clothing that is flattering and somewhat trendy. When I think I look nice, it improves my attitude and my outlook on life in general. As such, I frequently take photos of my clothes and sometimes even share those on IG with my friends. Not all of them make the cut, though, partly because I don't want my feed to be completely narcissistic, and partly because I know some people follow me for other reasons (like craftiness or travel or whatev).

Anyway...I say all that as a preface to today's post. Is it still even a thing to share your outfits from the past month or so? I don't know, but I thought some of you might find it a fun thing to see. If not, move right along. If so, welcome to my little fashion corner from the past several weeks. (Of course, I'm not sharing an outfit from every single day because that would be boring and not all the pics or outfits are worth sharing.)  Maybe you'll see something you'd like to wear, or maybe you'll at least be entertained.

* Caveat - most of my clothes aren't new, but I'll share where and when I bought them if I remember the details.
Wrap/swing sweater with faux-fur collar - TJMaxx, winter 2016
Not pictured - black skinny pants with pleather trim, Macy's, winter 2014

Chambray dotted button-down blouse - Lane Bryant winter 2014
Pink/purple animal print tank top - Fashion Bug summer 2011?
Not pictured, black skinny trousers - Macy's winter 2010

Moccasins - TJ Maxx, winter 2015
Skinny jeans - Primark in Madrid, summer 2016

Burgundy lace top - Lane Bryant, winter 2016
Not pictured - black pencil skirt, JC Penney, winter 2014
Owl necklace - no clue, some cheapie I picked up randomly

Gray turtleneck dress - Old Navy, winter 2016
Super long faux pearls - some mail-order jewelry party I attended, winter 2012

Here's a fuller view of the dress, but, unfortunately, you can't see the cool handkerchief hem 

Printed chiffon tunic - Kohl's, summer 2015 (plain black tank top underneath)
Black pencil skirt - Old Navy, summer 2015
Boots - Journeyz brand from Amazon, winter 2016

Gray v-neck knit top with rounded hem - WalMart, winter 2016
Plaid scarf - Charming Charlie's, winter 2016

White, embroidered blouse with tied-sides - Lane Bryant, summer 2012?
Skinny jeans - Primark in Madrid, summer 2016
Duck boots - ordered from Amazon and received as a gift, winter 2016

Black, short-sleeved, turtleneck sweater - Lane Bryant, spring 2015
Black ankle pants - Lane Bryant, summer 2015
Striped vest - Target (a gift), winter 2016

Black long-sleeved tshirt - Target, it's ancient
Khaki drape front sweater - TJMaxx, winter 2016
Black skinny jeans - Primark, Madrid, summer 2016
Necklace - no clue where I got it or when, but it was cheap

Same burgundy lace blouse you saw earlier
Black and white geometric print ankle pants - Lane Bryant, winter 2016
Necklace - no clue, it's ancient

Here's a fuller-length photo of that outfit

Gray, hooded, sweatshirt style tunic - Ross, winter 2016
Teal scarf with skull print - hand-me-down from Kelsey a few years ago

Navy striped tunic - Target, winter 2016
Denim pencil skirt - Macy's, winter 2013?
Brown boots - Journeyz brand ordered from Amazon, fall 2016

Silk kimono robe - no idea where it came from, but I love the gift I got for Christmas 2016

Gray, long-sleeved tee with black velvet front panel - Cato, fall 2016
Hand-painted, wooden Santa necklace - no clue, it's ancient

Houndstooth dress - Kohls (maybe?) circa 2013

Printed 60s style ruffled dress - barn sale from a local boutique, fall 2016
Same brown boots I already described

Burgundy striped, asymmetrical-hem tunic - Cato, fall 2016
Burgundy fringed scarf - no clue, a gift from Kelsey in 2015
Cream, silk sari necklace with flower accent - handmade by me

Cream lace layered dress - truck sale from a local boutique, circa winter 2014
Black shrug-style sweater - Target, gift in winter 2014
Not pictured - black leggings from WalMart, winter 2015
Necklace - same ancient one as pictured earlier that I can't remember location/time/price

When I look back at these photos, I'm reminded that I like most of my clothes that I've shared with you, but I do have at least a closet or two worth of clothes I rarely ever wear. Please tell me some of you are the same way.  At least for now, I think most of the outfits I've shared with you are reflective of me and my personality and the things I like. That's how it's supposed to work, right?  ;) 


  1. I love your fashion style, and you look amazing!!!!!!

  2. You have an amazing wardrobe!! I basically have three or four outfits that I rotate per season (since I retired...)

  3. Love your fun style. I'm at the other end of the spectrum. Have four pair of the same black pants for work. Two pair of the same jeans. 10-12 shirts. Three pair of shoe/boots. I think it's a direct result of growing up plus size, 6 ft tall and size 12 feet at a time when options for such females were nonexistent.

  4. You are stylin'!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. yes fashion blogs are still a thing. hooray for you showing off your awesome outfits. i appreciate that you shared where you got them too. thank you tiffany! :)

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