Sunday, January 29, 2017

The week ahead

To Do
1. Create writing prompt and rubric for rhetorical strategies inaugural speeches unit
2. Skype podcast with Tracie 
3. Help CEPT student plan upcoming lesson
4. Plan upcoming calendar items + blog posts + meetings
5. Clean guest rooms
6. Put away new mountain of clean laundry (the struggle continues...)
7. Continue reading Before Versailles and 1984
8. Frame travel prints and set up new mantel decor (I've been putting this off)
9. Bathe Charlie-dog
10. Pick up limbs/sticks from storms and bundle at curb

To Go/Call
1. Register EF chaperones for student trip
2. Grocery
3. Faculty meeting 
4. Get tires checked
5. Dinner/cocktails with friends
6. Gym. Every. Single. Day.

To Make
1. Continue Italy stitching project
2. Record PonTIFFications video episode #2
3. Start work in Craft Your Life book by Amy Tan
4. Make 2 layouts (yeah, this is an old goal I've never followed through in doing)
5. Continue working on DD 2016 (I didn't reach the goal of finishing by 1/31 though)
6. Plan retreat class (ongoing project)
7. Set long-term plans/goals creatively also BG with an action plan

Meal Planning

Breakfasts - cereal, fruit, breakfast bars
Lunches - leftovers, frozen dinners, bagel with cream cheese, mac and cheese
Dinners - out with the fella x 2, out with Tonia, BBQ chicken sliders + frozen veggies, homemade vegetable soup, takeout, cowboy caviar + tortilla chips

1 comment:

  1. Hey Tiffany!! Happy to see your embroidery goal is still up. After some searching I have found my 25 years + embroidery kits. I have a wall hanging; a mother with some ducks that has that old saying about holding your children's hands for awhile & their hearts forever. My children are 33 & 29. Neither one will want this. And I have no grandchildren on my horizon. I also have a light switch cover that says home is where the heart is. I could do that one first because it is small and I might finish it. I also found a kit of felt Christmas ornaments. But those are just embroidery. Happy stitching!! And good luck with the 2 layouts goal!!