Sunday, November 20, 2016

Planning the holiday week ahead

I am so looking forward to the week ahead - not because it's Thanksgiving necessarily, but because I'm excited to have some time off to just relax and breathe. I've been feeling overwhelmed by my schedule and goals for a while now as well as fighting a sinus infection, so this holiday break is just what I need to keep moving forward. I'm lucky that I don't have to prepare a big meal for anyone; I'll just be bringing a dish to my friends' Thanksgiving gathering. (Talk about lucking out!)

To-do - Drop car at service station, school, grade WIN essays, pick up car at service station, grocery
Dinner - Homemade tacos or nachos

To-do - School, errands, 2nd opportunity class
Dinner - Crockpot beefy vegetable soup and grilled pimiento cheese sandwich

To-do - No school!!! Crafty day, buy holiday newspaper with all of the ads, evening with the fella
Dinner - Out with the fella or he cooks

To-do - No school!!! Make dish for holiday gathering, watch the parade, bathe Charlie-dog, set up tripod, order Thanksgiving bargains online, take photos at gathering
Dinner - Holiday dinner with the Davenports

To-do - No school!!! Purchase Christmas tree, order Black Friday bargains online, clean house, follow semi-final football game online (it's away), evening with the fella
Dinner - Out with the fella or he cooks

To-do - Put up Christmas tree and decorations, crafty day, evening with the fella
Dinner - Order pizza?

To-do - Crafty day
Dinner - Kielbasa 'hash' and fresh bread

What are you most looking forward to about the upcoming holiday week? Or maybe I should ask what you're dreading the most? Ouch!


  1. Busy week here too. Monday and Tuesday is grocery shopping days, Wednesday and Thursday are my cooking days which this year is also my dad's birthday so i have a lot to cook on Wednesday. Friday is shopping day. Plus, all days is running an online business.

  2. I look forward the most to having my whole family home to celebrate the holiday (usually the only time of year this happens) and our tradition of going to the movies on Black Friday. I'm dreading all the housework and cooking -- I'm hosting but my Mom is helping a ton.