Thursday, November 17, 2016

Craft fair prep - tags edition

As some of you  know, I agreed to help out one of my friends with her booth at a local craft fair. She was worried that she wouldn't have enough small items to sell, especially since she makes and paints rather large wooden scenes. Of course, I had to jump at that chance. Last week, I think I posted about the jewelry items that I made for her booth. Well, this week, I've been working on making tags that I can package and she can sell.  Take a look at some of my crafty handiwork. FYI, I stamped and everything... (Go Tiff, you used a stamp, it's about time, go Tiff!)

Here they are all spread out to dry on my kitchen counter.

And this is what my desk in my studio looks like now. Ay  yi yi! That's just a tad bit overwhelming.

Here's to hoping that my friend and I both have a successful experience at her very first craft fair. :)


  1. Yesterday, my studio looked like that after I made ten dog toys.

  2. It looks like you had fun! Way to go with the stamping, girl! Tags can be such a rewarding thing to make -- they're small and you have a sense of accomplishment at having started and finished something. That's why I (sometimes) make our Christmas cards. I alternate years -- one year we opt for the photo card from Walgreen's and the next I make all the cards.