Friday, October 21, 2016

Tullis Wedding 2016 - Official Photo Shoot Pics

 Many thanks to Kelsey's photographers, Grace Summar and Jennie Fowler, for sharing these photo shoot gems with us. I *think* most of these are from Grace, but I don't want to miss out on giving Jennie credit in case some of them were from her collection. I haven't edited any of these photos because I wanted you to see the artistry of the photographers.

I'm in wedding photo bliss with all of the choices I have to share and potentially scrapbook. I love how they captured Jake and Kelsey's special day! Like their entire wedding ceremony, these photos are quintessentially them; I, for one, appreciate that more than just about anything.

We're still waiting on photos from a couple of the other photographers, but I just HAD to show these to you. I cannot wait to scrapbook some of my favorites!


  1. There are some really stunning shots there. What a wonderful day they must have had.

  2. These are so beautiful and everyone looks so happy!

  3. There are so many good ones that show everyone's personality. I looooooove the ones where Kelsey is twirling like the dancer she is in her wedding dress. So classic and timeless and perfect.