Sunday, October 9, 2016

Goodbye fall break - the week ahead

Last week, pretty much nothing went according to plan. While Kelsey's wedding on Saturday was beautiful and I enjoyed a brief trip to a craft fair on Sunday, the rest of the week totally sucked - my birthday included. Fall break this year was a flop from Monday through Sunday - so much so that I'm not even dreading going back to work too much tomorrow. Since some of you know work has been rather challenging this year, that should tell you just how little I enjoyed my time off for fall break. Rather than dwell on all that negativity, though, I'm going to look ahead and try to find some moments of joy in the coming days. Fingers crossed that this approach works...

To do -> wash/vacuum car; finish up laundry; plan crafty projects; straighten studio; work on September TN; order photo prints
Dinner-> shrimp and corn chowder with cheddar biscuits

To do -> school; finish grading for qtr 1; schedule tree trimming service; upload podcast; dry cleaners; mow/trim yard; clean front sidewalk
Dinner -> leftovers

To do -> school; CEPT student; WIN period; no ESS; grades due; 2nd Opportunity night class; take out trash/recycling;
Dinner -> crockpot chicken fajita nachos

To do -> school; grocery; clean up patio/deck; evening with the fella
Dinner -> leftovers

To do -> school; CEPT student; WIN period; lunch meeting for senior data disaggregation; ESS; no 2nd Opp class; attend event for Happy Place Travel; straighten up living room
Dinner -> crockpot veggie soup + grilled pimiento cheese sandwich

To do -> school; planning period meeting for sophomore pre-ap data disaggregation; clean my bedroom/bathroom; football @ Barren County (skip); WKU Hilltoppers Hysteria; evening with the fella
Dinner-> out for a bite

To do -> attend Bell Buckle, TN craft fair; plans with the fella
Dinner -> out for a bite


Breakfasts -> nuts; cereal; peanut butter crackers

Lunches -> leftovers; pasta salad; tuna salad sandwich with chips; frozen meal


  1. I'm so sorry that you had a yucky week off from school. Lets hope things get better for you...Jersey Girl Anne

  2. DO you ever put your leftovers from crockpot, etc, in the freezer for lunches at a later time? I do that for the weeks that are out of control for planning and time