Sunday, September 25, 2016

This week - aka an adventure in multi-tasking

To say that the upcoming week is going to be busy is an understatement. Take a look at all the things I really MUST do in the next seven days. My plan is just to take one day at a time and keep at my list of tasks until each one is complete. I can do it. I can do it. I can do it. (That's my mantra right now.)

To do - Make bridal luncheon decor; pay bills; clean house; catch up on laundry; mow yard; grocery; evening with the fella
Dinner - Eat with the fella

To do - School; give senior common assessment; make Romantic era exam; update blog; transport tables/chairs to wedding venue
Dinner - Crockpot crack chicken sandwiches + tator tots (I didn't make this last week as planned)

To do - School; CEPT student; ESS; 2nd Opportunity; finish grading senior essays; make Medieval era exam; Skype podcast 7:30
Dinner - Leftovers

To do - School; give sophomore pre-ap common assessment; senior assessment data meeting; help Kelsey decorate for wedding; mani/pedi with Kelsey; color my hair; purchase items for bridal luncheon
Dinner - Out with Kelsey

To do - School; CEPT student; ESS; 2nd Opportunity; submit timesheets; brief stop at Kelsey's bachelorette party
Dinner - Eat at party

To do - School; update ESS quarter paperwork; pick up cake; pick up luncheon food I ordered; rehearsal dinner
Dinner - Eat at rehearsal

To do - Set up and host bridal luncheon; enjoy Kelsey's wedding; evening with the fella
Dinner - Eat at the wedding

Here's the good news: if I can get through this crazy, busy week successfully, then I'll have a whole week off work next week for fall break when I can just relax and work on projects at home. Right now, I'm just living for Saturday night so that I can enjoy Kelsey's momentous occasion and follow it up with quite a bit of R & R. May your upcoming week be filled with family, friends, and enough time to accomplish the things you need and want to do.


  1. Oh I do hope everything falls in place for your girl's big day. You sound organized, so it most likely will. Such fun!!

  2. Your list inspires me. I hope Kelsey's wedding is absolutely wonderful, and wish her all the best. Looking forward to seeing/ hearing highlights in the future.

  3. You can do it, Tiffany! Best wishes to the bride and groom! Super glad you get to rest up next week.