Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Potpourri of HL Inspiration

Wouldn't these be great to serve food on for my daughter's bridal luncheon?

I'd love to paint some canvases like these.

And I think I might be able to do something similar to this with hand stitching.

How cool would it be to decoupage a map into something sort of like this?

While we're at it, I think these displays are fun; I want to make it all.

And, yes, I love these travel themed albums.

More cuteness is love to copy...

I didn't really buy anything except party supplies and adhesive, but I did come away with lots of crafty ideas on a recent trip to HL. That, my friends, is a good way to find your crafty mojo!


  1. All those white display/serving items are very pretty . . . and could be re-used in your scrap space! #enabling

  2. My daughter just got a job at HL so I've been in a lot more full of beauty and inspiration!

  3. My husband bought me that cow picture for Christmas last year! I love him.