Tuesday, September 6, 2016

10 Chores I've been avoiding

Instead of getting busy on these 10 chores, I've been lounging around pretty much like Charlie-dog. In my defense, the back to school rush and transition is always hard on me, but, if I'm being honest, these chores have plagued me for months. Do you have a list of nagging, unfinished chores too? Here are mine: 

1. Weeding the front landscape beds

2. Cleaning out my car

3. Organizing my linen closet

4. Painting the hallway

5. Hiring a plumber for lots of little repairs

6. Hiring an electrician to fix loose switch for garbage disposal

7. Cleaning out the garage

8. Hiring someone to power wash the deck and bonus room

9. Touch up painting the bathroom ceiling

10. Framing and hanging my travel prints

Now, I'm not saying I'll get all of things accomplished, but here's the list of 10 chores I've been avoiding, partly because I'm lazy and partly because I haven't wanted to spend the extra money on these things. Wonder if I could get them done by the end of 2016? Now that might be worth some contemplation...


  1. Hey Tiffany! I put such a list in my planner for a monthly "to do list" Anything that doesn't get tackled gets carried over to the next month. I think cleaning my window sills between the window and screen stayed on that list for over 6 months. And the upstairs hallway clean and toss took almost that long too. Love having lists going in my planner. IN fact, I just pulled my planner back out to get going again. I gave myself the summer off.

  2. None of these really seem like "must-dos" so I wouldn't worry about them. Consider them documented. You'll know when they need to be done.