Sunday, September 18, 2016

Planning my week

The week ahead looks to be a busy one, like most of my weeks lately. I keep hoping that the pace slows a bit once Kelsey's wedding happens... In the meantime, I'll just keep trucking along while focusing on the task at hand. I hope your week ahead has opportunities for work and play and friends and family and craftiness and rest too. I'll be working to make time for those things in my life as well. :)

To-do -- craftiness, laundry, trim front landscaping, update blog, plans with the fella
Dinner -- fella cooks

To-do -- school, grade senior essays, mow backyard, grocery, dinner meeting, bridal luncheon prep
Dinner -- out for dinner meeting

To-do -- school, CEPT student teaches seniors, ESS, 2nd Opp class, update blog
Dinner -- crockpot crack chicken + tutor tots

To-do -- school, grade senior essays, faculty meeting, bridal luncheon prep, plans with the fella
Dinner -- meatloaf + mashed potatoes + broccoli

To-do -- school, CEPT student, ESS, 2nd Opp class
Dinner -- leftovers

To-do -- school, finish senior essays, finalize rehearsal dinner plans, homecoming football game
Dinner -- out to eat with the fella or takeout

To-do -- International Festival, podcasting in Nashville
Dinner-- out to eat with Tracie
Breakfasts -- pastry, pistachios, cottage cheese

Lunches -- frozen dinner. Mac & cheese, pasta salad

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