Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Flying Saucer - an annual tradition

A couple of weeks ago, the fella and I headed down to The Flying Saucer in Nashville for their annual 4/20 commemorative glass/celebration. I really like the building and decor for this place; it just has a fun vibe.  Unfortunately, it does seem to trend toward the hipster crowd and 20-somethings. The fella and I were on the far side of the age range tonight...

They have a bit of renovation going on right now, so their kitchen was closed when we visited. (According to our waitress, their kitchen will be up and running again in no time. I hope so; the food I've had there before has been quite good.) Thankfully, there was a barbecue food truck set up outside. The fella bought us bbq plates and brought them inside while we enjoyed the atmosphere and beer of the place. I'm not sure what beers he tried, something with a monkey in the name at least once. But I tried a couple of different ciders (since I don't like beer). The pineapple cider I tried was a bit too sweet (shocking for me, I know), but the Root's Traditional Cider was just right in its tartness and flavor.

I thought the commemorative glass this year was a good shape and size and design - much better than the strangely shaped glass from last year.

This is the third year in a row that the fella and I have trekked to The Flying Saucer for their annual event; I daresay it has become one of our traditions. ;)

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