Saturday, April 30, 2016

Update on Charlie-dog

The itching seems to be more under control, thanks to a Cortisone shot and a daily Zyrtec. Yep, apparently, my dog has seasonal allergies. Hahaha!

Now that Charlie-dog's ears and itching are better, he has a grooming appointment coming up soon too. Woohoo!

He's scheduled for wart removal and some dental work on May 5; I'm especially looking forward to those giants warts being removed. Ick!

He's older than we thought - probably around 13 instead of 9. I've had him since 2007, and he wasn't a puppy when he came to live at my house. He sure doesn't act like an older dog in most ways!

Charlie-dog does not trust or like the vet; he refused to take treats from him and everything! He did, of course, take them from me when I offered them. My boy knows not to take candy from strangers.

As part of the old age thing, he is developing some cataracts, and his hip dysplasia is acting up a bit every now and then. We'll treat hip pain with Rimadyl as needed.

Earlier in the week, I took him in for a much-needed grooming appointment. With his ears well, his tush clear, and the itching a bit better, he was in desperate need of a bath and a trim. Check out his new do! If only he weren't going gray, he'd look like a pup. :)

Mostly, though, Charlie-dog is feeling much better and just living his life!


  1. What a cutie! Glad his itching is better.

  2. I'm glad Charlie-dog is feeling better!!

  3. oh hugs to charlie-dog. he's definitely a trooper! i like his new look too. i know all about the doggie allergies. we give our fur baby benadryl. he went to the dog salon yesterday, & today his fur smells so good. yay, i know that's not gonna last, but our love does. :)

  4. My Dexter was always itchy and biting the fur off his tail. We got puppies so I tried Bil Jac puppy food for them and put Dexter on it so the puppies wouldn't eat the adult food and miraculously, all of his itching cleared up and his hair grew back. I was using IAMS before which I thought was good. Now, I strictly use BilJac and he seems so much happier. It wouldn't have even occurred to me that his dog food could have been causing all of those problems.

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