Friday, April 15, 2016

Spring Break in Pictures - Staycation

My Spring Break was April 2-10. I don't often travel on spring break because I'd have to go too far to really get to some fabulous weather. While I can drive to my fave Florida beach is just about eight hours, it's usually not much warmer there than it is here. To really soak up the sun, I'd have to fly somewhere or drive 12+ hours to go south of Tampa. Here in KY, the weather was chilly and windy and kind of depressing. The first couple of days did have some sunshine though, so that's when I snapped these first few pics.

Snapping a selfie in the backyard

Patrolling the backyard

Sketching one evening

Taking my girl to lunch one day

Watching the yard and landscape beds gradually turn green

Reading some art books to inspire my desire to sketch

Keeping an eye on the wilderness of the backyard

Gazing out at a serene, if chilly, backyard

Snuggling up for naps

Driving to/from Nashville for podcasting

Enjoying live music and good food on a date with the fella

Waiting at AT&T for customer service help

Snapping a selfie while checking on a friend's house who was out of town

Reading an inspiring post-it note on aforementioned friend's fridge

Buying a new laptop

So yeah, it wasn't the most exciting spring break in my life, but it was pretty nice in all of its staycation quality. I puttered around the house. I napped. I watched Netflix. I read and crafted and listened to music. I snuggled with the pups. I ran errands. I hung out with Kelsey. I just let the rhythm of each day be a little bit less rushed, a little simpler, than it would have been normally. I'll save my exciting times for my big trip this summer. ;)


  1. Your spring break was so much more productive than mine! I totally failed at my to do list.

  2. Looks like a good staycation to me.