Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Signs of Spring

Spring is progressing nicely down here in Kentucky. While the weather has been pretty chilly lately, it doesn't seem to have prevented my plants from bulking up nicely in the sunshine. This week, our forecast puts our high temps in the upper 70s, and I cannot wait! Staying home for spring break last week was nice except for the windy weather and chilly temperatures. How ironic that I'm back at work this week, and it's supposed to be just gorgeous outside?! Oh well, that's spring in KY for you.

About three weeks ago...

And now...

I've spent lots of time in my yard collecting branches and picking up sticks. The fella spent about three hours last Sunday trimming up giant branches so that the trash guys would pick them up without complaint. I'm a little tired of seeing this giant pile of brush at the end of my driveway, so I hope they will make their neighborhood yard trash rounds soon.

Spring is slightly demented here in the Upper South. Warm days filled with sunshine are often bookends to days with hard freezes and blustery conditions that feel more like winter than they should. Mother Nature likes to mess with us a bit, I think. Just this past weekend, some parts of Kentucky had snow. Thankfully, we didn't get any snow in my city, but we did have two hard freezes over the weekend. I was glad I hadn't yet packed away my electric blanket!

The tulip trees have already bloomed and faded, so have the Bradford pear trees and the cherry trees and some species of dogwoods. The trees aren't as pretty right now as they were a week or two ago, but it does smell better outside, at least. My daffodils are long gone; they peeked their heads up at the end of February and didn't last that long unfortunately. This is always the time of year that I wish I'd planted tulips. My neighbor has some that are simply beautiful. My peonies have popped up out of the ground, but their blooms are at least a few weeks away. The resurrection lilies have great, lush greenery too, but there are no slim, pink stalks of flowers in sight just yet. I find myself looking out the back door daily to check on the progress of those peonies and resurrection lilies; maybe that's a sign of old age. The birds are back with a vengeance. In my yard, there are several cardinals and redbirds who have made their home as well as a pesky woodpecker or two. I'm trying to appreciate their beauty even though I don't particularly care for birds in general.

What a different a few weeks make, right?  I can't wait to see how things look in a few more weeks. Plus, it's almost time to plant my flowerpots and hanging baskets. Here in KY, the rule is not to plant anything tender until at least Mother's Day weekend. How is spring progressing where you live?


  1. One of the things I love about your area is the red bud this time of year. And you are about 6 weeks ahead of us. Our tulip tree doesn't bloom until Mid to the end of June here. I can't wait for signs of spring here. We just had a week of snow and freezing rain but now this week we are finally getting 40s to 50 degrees so hoping that my daffodils and tulips show their blooms. They did pop their greenery through a couple weeks ago until the frigid weather came back.

  2. I think I need to move to KY! It's still winter up here in Northern WI!! I'm so jealous of all your green!

  3. Beautiful! I can appreciate all your hard work.I love your trees and the plants in the front are lovely. Kentucky is sure a pretty place.

    I've been slaving away in my backyard for weeks now trying to get things in shape for spring. Then I discovered that this green brier had infiltrated the back woods of my house and is starting to shoot roots into my yard. So I have been busting my back every single day trying to uproot it all so it won't destroy my yard and kill all my trees. I feel slightly obsessed.

  4. I am not a consistent doer of yard work. First I very allergic to grass... I can't be around it when it is being mowed (yes I have a legitimate excuse for my lawn service, if I mow I will die lol or at least have a massive asthma attack) but your is lovely. My son has become obsessed with hydroponic and aquaponic gardening so we're going to try some of that out this year. I'm not sure how excited I am. We don't really have Spring where I live in the mountains (Colorado) we have summer, fall, winter and extended pretend winter ie it's snowing this weekend.