Friday, April 8, 2016

Sharing a layout - Paris 2012 Pocket Page

This week, I finished up a pocket page that I first began a few months ago. I'm not sure why I never finished it, but I sure am glad that it's completed now. Here's an overview of the double page layout.

I thought I'd share a few close-up photos with you too. This left hand card would qualify as the title, I think - "Discover Paris." I enjoyed being able to use different kinds of cards from different collections as well as including a few of the layered stickers that I enjoy so much.

To tie some of the cards together, I used different patterns in the cards I chose as well as layering some washi tape to create some additional interest and cohesiveness.

The number of photos I was able to include on this layout makes me really happy. I also like the mix of big group shots and smaller groups of just two or three of us at a time.

Here's a 4 X 6 card that I modified to fit my needs. I just covered up the parts I didn't need with washi tape. Darn it, I wish I'd seen that stray piece of adhesive before I took these photos. Oh well, that's real life, people - sorry! I'll pick it off now that I've seen it.

I was undecided about using this card because it has rounded corners and the rest had squared corners, but I just decided not to sweat the small stuff. In order to make it look more purposeful, I layered an acrylic piece over it to make it stand out a bit. I really wanted to use this particular card as my background for this photo because it nicely tied in the pinks and aquas that I'd used on the rest of the layout.

Here's the left hand side of the layout by itself.

And here's the right hand side of the layout alone.

Finally, here it is one more time in its entirety. I don't make many pocket pages anymore, but I'm really happy with the way this one turned out overall (besides the random adhesive square, that is). This type of page allowed me to create a layout that told our story of visiting Paris in a visually interesting way with plenty of room for both decorative elements and pictures. Hmm, maybe I'll do a few more of these kinds of pages as I scrapbook my other student trips from over the years.


  1. I'm laughing at your "I don't make pocket pages" explanation in the last paragraph. Didn't you find that it helps when you have a larger amount of photos for an event? You can tuck the pocket pages right in with full layout pages and it doesn't matter. My eyes got REAL BIG when I spotted this and my mind went to "TIFFANY USED POCKET PAGES" - LOL - Your journaling answered the questions I had about the pages (I was looking for you and Caroline but then your journaling told me it was a different trip). Sheesh, I feel like I'm a peeper/stalker on your life Tiffany.

  2. Oh nicely done. I like that you've included the itinerary too. I think pocket pages make the absolute most sense for travel photos - but I enjoy doing a few 12 x 12 feature layouts too. And did I mention I am deep green in envy about you having been to Paris. ;-)

  3. Love your use of pocket pages! I'm no expert, but it looks like you are really, really good at pocket pages. You sure you wont do PL? Not even monthly??? 😜