Thursday, March 24, 2016

Throwback Thursday - sharing an old layout "Happy Graduation"

Today, I'm sharing another older layout from 2010 with  you. This layout focuses on Kelsey's high school graduation.

Here, you can read the journaling.

Lol - look at the giant flowers and honking button that I included on this layout. I'd never do that today.  I really like the K that I included on the left though as well as the layered mats behind the photo.

On the right, I have a card that Kelsey received and some more journaling. I'm sure she received more cards in this, but maybe this is the only one that I could find at the time of making the layout. I should probably look for more, actually.

On the pocket itself, I included another ginormous flower and button (really?!) and a 3-D Jolee's sticker. I know some people don't like those big stickers, but I love them even today - sorry not sorry.

And here's the finished layout - sorry about the flare from the page protector.  I'd probably use a different paper today, even though I chose this one and the embellishments because Kelsey loves sunflowers. I don't really like the tone of these papers though I do like that I used strips of several different kinds on the pocket to the right. I probably wouldn't include that scalloped ribbon today and wouldn't have made a 2 page spread today either. Other than that, the actual design of the layout isn't much different from my style now. I do think the top of the right hand side seems awfully bare, so more embellishments or more patterns would fill that space now.

There you have it - another Throwback Thursday in the books! Are you enjoying this series? Should I continue it? I'd love to have some feedback from you about this!


  1. I like seeing your older pages (as well as your newer ones) including any snark about past embellishment choices. ha, ha But you should post what makes you happy! I once bought a container of Heidi Swapp flowers that my Michael's had put on clearance and didn't realize until I got them home that they were about four inches in diameter. Holy oversized blooms, Batman! I think I did use some on a layout, put some others on gift tags, etc. I'd rather cluster smaller things, I think. I do still use buttons once in a while, but prefer smaller ones.

  2. Yes. Love seeing the layouts but also really love the deconstructing. How your choices would be the same or different toda, is so interesting. I think all long time scrappers gain so much insight from the reflection and evaluation of prior work!! I say keep it up!!