Thursday, March 17, 2016

Throwback Thursday - sharing an old layout "Easter 2010"

Today, I'm sharing a layout with you that I made in 2010 that focuses on my conversion to Catholicism. This wasn't an easy time in my life on a personal level, and, not surprisingly, the journaling is quite intimate and raw. Plus, my readers/listeners probably already know that I'm reluctant to share my religious and political views overtly. Some topics are just best to avoid for public discussion and consumption in my opinion.  I'd rather not alienate any of you by sparking a discussion where neither of us is likely to change opinions. I tucked the journaling I wrote for this layout behind one of the cards and won't share it with you here, but I'm really glad that I told the story and have record of that time in my life as well as my feelings surrounding this experience.

Characteristics of this layout:
two page spread in 8.5 X 11"
fibers/ribbon along the left side of the left hand page
sticker letters/numbers for the title
tilted photo on the right hand side for visual interest
pictures aren't the best quality - the service was in a room lit by candlelight and florescent lights
ephemera included (3 cards total, 1 is tucked behind the others)

I probably wouldn't make the layout the same at all today. These days, it'd be a single page in !2 X 12. It probably wouldn't feature black and cream paper or fibers, and I'd definitely choose sticker letters that were a bit more refined. I probably wouldn't reveal as much of the cards if I made this layout today either; I'd more likely slide them behind the photo and use the added space for embellishments and layering of some kind. Even with all the changes I'd make though, I'm still really happy that I have this layout exactly like it is.

What makes me happiest about this layout are the photos, imperfect as they are. I have a couple of photos with my best friend and sponsor, Vonda as well as a couple of photos with my priest, Father Jerry, who was very special to me. I feel so lucky to have this memory documented and safely displayed in my scrapbooks!


  1. That was the same year my husband joined the church. After 20 years of going to mass, chaperoning youth group trips and various other my wife signed me up activities, he decided it was time. I can honestly say that Easter vigil was one of my best days ever (as so many scrappy cards like to say).

  2. I love how proud Vonda looks of you. Such a sweet moment captured on a special day. You can see the bond you two have.