Thursday, March 3, 2016

Throwback Thursday - sharing an old layout "VBS Fun"

Continuing my Throwback Thursday series, today I'm sharing another layout with you from 2010. 

What's different in the way I scrapbook now:
This is a 2 page spread; these days, I hardly ever make those anymore.
I don't love these embellishments now, but I can remember really liking them at the time.
I use fewer photos per page now than I did back then - prob also an extension of making 2 pagers then.
There aren't any selfies on this layout - haha!

What's the same in the way I scrapbook now:
I still love graphic paper - this stripe is something I'd use today in a heartbeat.
I still love letter stickers for titles; this one is a little bit large, but I still really like it.
Handwritten journaling is still the way I roll.
Yep, I still love strips of paper as a design element, and I do like to work within the same product line.

And here's the final layout - sorry for the glare on the right. :(

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