Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Engagement photo shoot

 A couple of weekends ago, I headed out with Kelsey and Jake to the property where they plan to be married in October. She wanted to do an engagement photo shoot for their save-the-date cards that they'll be mailing soon. While the trees are still bare and the grass isn't very green yet, I thought it was a good idea to do an outdoor shoot since they are so outdoorsy and since they were engaged in the fall of 2015. Here are a few of my favorites from that session. I haven't really edited any of these yet. I decided I'd just share them with her and with you in their unaltered state; I'm not sure yet what editing she might choose to do for her mailers.

I love this one because it captures their personality and how they really look to me on a daily basis.

The movement of their hair and the light shining on the side of Kelsey are my faves in this photo.

Their expressions and the lighting make me happy in this shot.

And in this one too...

Kelsey is ready to burst out laughing here, but I love the genuine smile on Jake's face.

All the kissing photos made me slightly uncomfortable as the mom, but I tried to just keep my professional distance. Haha!

I love the light in this one, even if Jake has a bit of a shadow on his face.

And I like the combination of light and shadow in this pic too.

We were fighting the wind and the harsh sunlight that day, but I like this photo for those reasons.

I like the way they're posed in this one.

Their faces are a little blown out here, but I really like the woods in the background and the rock they're perched on for the photo.

More kissing...but look how sweet their hands are.

And yes, I like the cheesy 'look at each other instead of the camera' shot.

This is the couple as I know them - love those grins!

More kissing...but isn't the texture of that tree fabulous?

I really like the pose of this one, the woods behind them, and their smiles.

This one's a little blown out, but I might be able to fix that in editing.

This pose is a favorite of mine too. Kelsey looks sneaky there behind him.

I can't wait until we have our next shoot - preferably on a less windy day with some clouds and some greenery on the trees.


  1. Love these! I know you must be so happy you have them.

  2. The one of them on the ground would leave lots of space in between them for text . . . as would the one with the woods in the background. Lots of treasures here.

  3. Wow, that is some fabulous snapping you did. Well done, Tiffany. You've certainly shown them to be a darling, fun, and even a bit mischievous couple.