Thursday, February 11, 2016

Throwback Thursday - Sharing an old layout - "Happy Birthday"

As part of my Throwback Thursday series, I'm sharing another old layout. I made this back in 2010, and I thought you might enjoy taking a look. This particular layout focuses on Kelsey's 18th birthday.

What I like: I'm thrilled that I was able to include 4 photos on this single page layout. I also still really like the ribbon that I used down the vertical axis. I'm glad that I included handwritten journaling and that it is personal and heartfelt.

What I don't like: I'm not loving the focus of the lined pink paper. I wish I'd gone with something a bit softer.  I wish I'd included a few more embellishments; as it is, it feels pretty plain to me now. 

Here's a closeup of the journaling, but the lighting in the photo makes it a bit difficult to read. Sorry about that!

Here's a closeup of the title treatment - a rubon that I used. I think it's a bit delicate for the placement and the color of the background, but at least I included a title, right?

As a side note, look how baby-faced Kelsey is here! I almost don't even remember her at this age, so I'm especially glad to have this layout about her. It was just six years ago, but it feels like forever in some ways.

Thanks for joining me for another Throwback Thursday!

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