Sunday, February 21, 2016

Happy Sunday! Whatcha doing today?

How do you spend your Sundays?  I love the quiet nature of Sunday. I love that I usually spend the day at home puttering around by myself. I love the lack of hustle and bustle. I love savoring the end of the weekend. Sometimes, I struggle with the Sunday night blues as I look ahead at all the things that will have to be done in the coming week. To avoid that feeling, I really do make an effort to wring out every bit of quiet joy that I can from my Sunday.

At my house, Sundays are for...

-wearing pajamas all day whenever possible

-cooking a big pot of something on the stove (soup, stew, chili, pasta, etc.)

-catching up on laundry for the week

-watching whatever my current Netflix obsession is (multiple episodes preferred)

-reading a book that captivates me

-cuddling with the dogs

-planning appointments and activities for the coming week

-taking an afternoon nap

-crafting of some kind - scrapbooking or stitching or painting or something creative

-trying to get to bed at a decent hour for the coming workday

What are Sundays for at your house?


  1. I attend church and have lunch with friend when it is over. I usually spend my afternoon scrapbooking and go to bed early!!

  2. mine are similar to yours. sometimes I have some light housekeeping to catch up on but usually I am in comfy clothes, cooking, & scrapbooking. I too struggle with the blues come bedtime.

  3. At my house Sundays are for: choir rehearsal before church, church service, chatting at coffee hour and eating cookies, laundry, convincing middle-schooler to finish up either her homework or her chores and not staring at screens all day, hopefully some crafty time, hopefully some family time (last night we watched the Disney special which, to me, was "meh" even though we love Disney), and lately, an episode of Downton Abbey. Husband and I just got Amazon Prime and we're scarfing it up -- on Season 3 right now.

  4. We have very similar Sundays. I strive to make that a day to enjoy just being at home. I try to get all my errands completed on either Friday evening or during the day on Saturday. We attend the Saturday evening church service so that we don't have any commitments on Sunday. I will meal prep and get organized for the week ahead. I feel much more relaxed starting out the week if I have the opportunity to scrapbook on Sunday, even if it's just for an hour or two.