Monday, February 1, 2016

Creative Goals - The February 5

Five Creative Goals for February 2016

(My desk as I left it last night - not clean but manageable at least) 

1. Schedule out blog posts for one month ahead - I'm tired of scrambling to get posts up at the last minute. I think I'll provide better content and have a more relaxed life if I can do a bit of planning ahead here.

2.  Make a spring banner to hang somewhere in my house. Maybe the mantel? Maybe my studio? Maybe my bedroom?

3.  Order a huge printing of 2015 photos - mainly from October through December. Does Snapfish have a coupon right now? Does Persnickety ever run a fabulous deal?

4. Make my 2015 Week in the Life mini-album.

5. Finish my Paris 2015 album projects.

Can I do it? I sure hope so. I figure keeping my list to just 5 goals was pretty reasonable. What are your goals for a creative February?


  1. I only have half an answer for Persnickety. They do have sales. The awesome thing about the sales is you don't have to actually upload and order prints during the sale. You can buy credits for future use. For example, during the last 4x6 sale at 50% off, I purchased 400 credits (or something like that). They never expire. I ordered 112 prints a couple of weeks ago. I only paid postage and the rest came out of my credits. I find out about the sales via email and IG. I loathe the uploading and ordering in their website and I cannot recommend their app but I do love their quality and customer service.

  2. The best deal I've found for prints is when Snapfish has their 300 prints for $30 shipped sale. The shipping has been $20 for me before without this coupon. You can check this page to find the current deal. They have one now that expires at 3 pm PT on Tuesday when you'll likely be reading this so I doubt you can get in on that one but hopefully they'll replace it with a February deal!

  3. I share many of your same goals. I also want to blog in advance and work on my Week in the Life. I documented and now I need to MAKE. :)

  4. I don't print physical photos, but I've been hearing from multiple places that Shutterfly is running a deal where you get 4x6 prints for free (only pay for shipping) if you order them through their (free) app. There's a max of 250 prints, but you can do it over and over. Jessica Turner recently did a blog post about it (she said it works out to about ($0.06 per print):

  5. I've tried different combos on snapfish, sometimes the free shipping is a good deal, sometimes a percentage off is a better deal. You can compare in the cart really easily. The $30 one is a Good Deal!

  6. My goals include: OLW jan and feb prompts (haha)
    starting an album for a friend for her NYC trip.
    Keeping up with PL and having tons of fun doing all of it.