Thursday, January 21, 2016

Throwback Thursday - sharing an old layout "Me and You"

 I thought it might be fun to start a new blog series where I share some layouts with you that I made prior to starting my regular blogging routine. This one features photos of Kelsey from Valentine's Day 2010. It's hard to believe this was almost six years ago!

As you can see, there are some things in this layout that are definitely characteristic of my style even now; it features handwriting, a linear style, and themed/clustered embellishments.  I'm round of it when I look at it, but it feels a little blah to me honestly.

These days, I rarely make two-page, multi-photo layouts. I write my journaling in cursive rather than printing it these days. I would probably make different paper choice combos and add more embellishments these days too. Overall, though, I think this layout still looks like it's my work.

What about you? Have you looked back at your older work to see how you've changed and what elements of your style have stayed the same? If not, I challenge you to do just that. I rarely look at my old albums, so this task also made for a nice excuse to relive some of those moments. Enjoy your walks down memory lane!


  1. I don't look back at my albums a lot, but if I scrap something that needs to go in the 2012 album or whatever, I'll flip through some of the pages. It's easy to forget about what you've made over the years.

  2. I love that you guys have a Valentine's tradition! We just give the kids chocolates with their breakfast plates.

    Sometimes I look back but then I find layouts I never journalled on and feel like a moron. And it was at a time when I always added a "Journal spot or block" to the page so it's obvious I intended to journal! I've gotten much better at that!

    I have this elaborate plan to go through all my albums and reorganize them into 3 ring binders with color coding (ie. Blue albums for Oldest, Orange albums for Muppet Boy, Green albums for Little guy) but it's a DAUNTING task so I have done NOTHING.