Saturday, January 16, 2016

Cocoa Daisy February 2016 unboxing

I received my Cocoa Daisydori kit for February in the mail on Monday of this week. Take a look at the goodies with me. Have I mentioned how much I like receiving happy mail?

Even the packaging is cute...

I'm digging the muslin bag that the goodies come in each month. I'm using mine to carry around my midori and some supplies. It's uber handy to keep all of my stuff corralled and  it keeps the leather from scratching as much as it would otherwise.

Here's the outside of the Daisydori insert - wonder if it always says Start Here?

And here are a few of the inside pages. Love...

I really like that they seem to be leaving a bit more white space on the pages. That was an issue I struggled with in the planner kits last fall, but it's not bothering me anymore.

The monthly sticker sheet is always cute + I really like these puffy Heidi Swapp stickers.

I'm really digging the notepads too; I'm using them around the house and school for various things, but not so much in my actual Midori. The super thin washi and glittered hearts are adorable.

Sorry for the weird color here - not sure what happened. I like these clips and bits; I wouldn't buy a whole package of these things, but I enjoy having a sampling of them to clip off sections of my 'dori. Anybody have any tricks for attaching the charms? I kind of suck at that.

Little glassine (spelling?) bags of paper strips and ephemera likewise make me very happy.

One more shot of the cute little stamped muslin bag before I depart...

I'm seriously tempted to subscribe to another monthly kit. What do you subscribe to and love? Any of them you wouldn't recommend and why? Talk me into it...or out of it...your choice. :)


  1. I too LOVE to get happy mail in the post, it always makes my day & gives me something to look forward to each month. I was contemplating trying out Elle's Studio kit, it's only $11.99, or just $9.99 if you place your order on reveal day (10th of the month). The stuff you got from Cocoa Daisy is super cute, have fun with your 'Dori!

  2. It's ADORABLE. And Pink.

    I have never set aside my budget for a kit club. I like picking my stuff too much... but I really like the Scraptastic club kits. If I was going to subscribe I think I'd go with them.