Friday, December 18, 2015

Real life, right now

I tried taking a couple of different pictures of my Christmas tree in the morning light before work yesterday.  Here you can see the automated version with the flash popping up.

 And here's the no flash version on Program mode.  I actually like both photos for different reasons.

I also snapped a couple of pictures of my office Thursday morning. I'd spent a bit of crafty time in there Wednesday evening and didn't clean up a single thing. Omg, it's total chaos on my desk.

The good news is that the rest of my studio remains relatively clean. I have a few things over on the sewing table that need to be put away, and you can see a shipping box in the floor next to my chair. Otherwise, though, the mess is contained to just my desktop. That's good, right?

I have a big weekend ahead planned, but I'm happy to report that today is the LAST day of school for two weeks and that I have very few obligations over the next couple of weeks that I'm off work.

On tap for this weekend - clean my desk, cook for the fellas Friday night, birthday brunch + Star Wars + Predators hockey game Saturday, and nothing planned for Sunday until I see the fella in the evening. I'm planning on working on my DD some more on Sunday. What are your plans for the coming weekend?

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  1. My table looks a lot like that, too. And I've got the card table set up nearby for a wrapping station, but the room is tiny, so it will motivate me to finish my wrapping so I can take it down again. ha, ha. My daughter is looking forward to us baking cookies this weekend -- I would rather just relax, honestly, but I know I'll be glad we did this activity together. So, I've got to clean up my small kitchen so we'll have lots of space to work. I need to get the rest of my cards in the mail and I'm hoping to have some crafty time, too. Our school district has classes through Wednesday. I'm just as glad, since I'm working through Wednesday, too. But I'm really, really looking forward to being off for 11 days!!!