Saturday, December 19, 2015

Holiday dinner with the fella

Last Tuesday, I rearranged my schedule with night class so that I could attend a holiday dinner with the fella. He serves in a volunteer capacity on a committee for the board of a local credit union, and their December meeting included a dinner for significant others and the board and volunteers. It was a good excuse to wear some high heels and enjoy someone else's cooking. Here's a selfie I snapped before I left my house to meet him. (Can you tell I was in the middle of a hot flash? Whew!)

Held at the local Plaza convention center and hotel, I expected it to be a bit on the swanky side. I met the fella at the hotel at the end of his meeting and was introduced to too many people for me to even recall.  The hotel had been remodeled within the last few years, so it was nice to see how it had changed since I'd been there last.

Our buffet style dinner was actually pretty good. While I wasn't a fan of the fish or chicken, I did enjoy the salad and the vegetables quite a bit. Conversation was easy since we sat close to a local university professor who was more than happy to share war stories with me as we ate. I think the fella appreciated that we chattered away because that took the pressure off of him to make small talk with strangers. (He's not really a small-talk kind of guy.)

Before we left, I told him we needed to take a selfie in the lobby of the hotel in front of their Christmas tree. He was agreeable because he knew resistance was futile. The sweet reception area worker was kind enough to offer to take our pic, so we actually have one of us that isn't a selfie. Woohoo!

It was a nice, adult evening out, and I even have some pics to put in my December Daily. Winning!

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  1. Great picture! Glad you had a nice evening out.