Monday, November 16, 2015

Sharing a layout - Baby, it's hot

Yesterday, I finished a layout that I'd had lying on my desk all week. Paris has been on my mind because of this weekend's events, so I thought it made sense to finish up this layout about my time in Paris last summer. (In the days ahead, look for a blog post more specifically about the recent terrorist attacks in Paris.)

I started with some old paper that I've had in my stash forever, but I don't think the layout feels dated since I used pretty new product for embellishments. In this section, you can see that I hand wrote on a vellum bubble sticker and added a gold arrow, a clear acrylic heart, a gold heart, and a couple of word embellishments.

This is the left side of the layout where I stacked several embellishments along the side and included the title made out of American Crafts letter stickers. I like the combination of chipboard stickers, the kraft tag, the large brad, the gold heart, and the phrase sticker.

I journaled in two spots on the layout, directly on the background paper as you can see here and also on a PL card. I could've probably written even more, but I guess I can always tell more of the story on subsequent layouts if I really want to do so.

Note that I included a piece of flair to continue the circle theme on the layout from the background paper. I think the speech bubble at the top and the circular brad carry that theme across the entire layout nicely. It's a small thing, but I think it matters quite a bit in terms of cohesiveness/unity.

Here's one more look at the layout. I've started putting my layout on the magnet board/chalkboard in my office so that I can take a look at what I've made throughout the week. It's a nice touch that I've been enjoying in recent weeks. Where do you store your most recently completed projects? Do you put them immediately into albums or what?

There you have it, my Mojo Monday project. Did you make anything fun this weekend? Tell me all about it. :)


  1. I love your page and how you explained your thought process!

  2. Love this! Being stuck in a big city during a heatwave is awful.

    Do you perchance remember where the 'have more adventures'-chipboard is from?

    As for a finished layout, I usually put it on the dining room table for a while (out of the baby spill zone), leave it there until my oblivious husband finally notices it and says "that page is cool!", and then I slip it into whatever album it belongs in.

  3. I bought an inexpensive cookbook stand at the Christmas Tree Shop and use that for my most recent layouts. The stand sits on my buffet in my dining room

  4. I went to a Saturday crop and made a paper wreath, a Thanksgiving layout, complete with turkey and organized my December Daily embellies and paper. I felt so accomplished! Funny thing is I am taking pain meds for a herniated disk in my neck, so on Saturday I was a little on the loopy side. Putting the wreath together was a challenge. It came as a kit with individual papers to be rolled into a cone shape and attached with sticky tape to a round base. I put it together and had a small gap where you could see the base. I took it apart and rearranged the cones again, eventually having to staple them together hide the base. After finishing it, I cleaned up a little and leaned over to the floor to put some paper away. Imagine my chagrin when there on the floor was one of the cones that belonged in the wreath!!! In my loopiness, I had knocked it off the table and never realized I was one cone short when I put the wreath together. No wonder their were gaps, LOL. Did I redo it a third time? NO! Imperfection is pleasing to the eye and I'm sticking to that theory!!!!!! Sorry for the long post.