Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween 2015 - Photo heavy post ahead

On Halloween, I was feeling a bit under the weather. After an epic grocery trip, I headed home to make a huge pot of regular chili and a smaller pot of vegetarian chili for the festivities to come.

The fella and his kiddo came over post trick-or-treating. Luke was willing to post for a couple of pictures at least. He was Link from the Legend of Zelda. (Idk what that is really, but I understand he's some sort of boy hero. I'm showing my age here, right?)

All good warriors must know how to brandish their swords.

My chili was yummy, if I do say so myself. And I made a ton of it. I'll be eating chili for days, and I already sent home a bunch with Kelsey and Jake and with the fella. Looks like chili nachos for a couple of nights ahead at least.

Lowder-dog is a bit under the weather too. One of his back legs is extremely weak, and he can't go up and down the steps by himself to go outside. I settled him on the chaise lounge with a bone, and he set up his surveillance post from there. My doorbell isn't working for some reason, but Lowder and Charlie both barked anytime trick-or-treaters came to my door. I had more than usual, probably 40 kids or so. That's not bad considering my neighborhood has a lot of elderly people living in it.

Kelsey and Jake popped over a bit later in the evening to eat. Man, those red clothes and the lighting made for some interesting photo results...

I love this shot!

I'm not sure they look very devilish here. Didn't Kelsey do a great job on both of their makeup?

My grand-dog, Frankie, wanted in at least one of the shots - real life for us, peeps.

Link was willing to join the devils for a couple of pictures.

And we had to get at least one slightly 'devilish' shots of those tails! :)

Here are a few shots of Kelsey and Jake in the days leading up to Halloween. Apparently, they had some pre-holiday festivities to attend.

I think Kelsey is pretty adorable as a kitty cat.

In her dance classes all week, Kelsey's students wore their Halloween costumes. I shared some last week, but here are a few more.

On Halloween night, they posed for a few other pics. Here are the devils with Jake's sister, Tressa.
She;d originally planned to go as a plague doctor, but her beak was so heavy that she couldn't keep her mask on her face. It would've been a super cool costume though.

And here they are with Jake's dad, Matt. He is definitely a character, and his costume certainly is a scary one. He went out with them Halloween night; I can only imagine how intimidating their little group was to encounter. Haha!

Throughout the week, Kelse dressed as Minnie Mouse, as a kitty cat, and as a devil. Here is a car selfie as she was on her way to one of her jobs. She looks pretty sweet and perky, right?

Well, here she is on Sunday morning after Halloween on her way to work in the children's nursery at the Unitarian Church. Let's just say this version of Minnie Mouse was quite hungover.  This makes me glad that I know how to pace myself most of the time; being hungover def isn't fun. I guess it IS part of the college experience, though.  Maybe she'll learn a lesson, hmmm...

Hope your Halloween was full of fun and candy!

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  1. Super cute Halloween pictures! Your daughter looks so pretty in all of her many costumes -- I think Minnie Mouse was my favorite. You can tell she's in her twenties -- she even looks pretty hungover -- lol.