Monday, October 5, 2015

44 Years on this Planet

It's my birthday, y'all - 44 years old today. I'm still trying to digest that number. It feels so different, so much older than 43. It's a little bit hard to say out loud, to type it, to internalize that number. I mean, I just got used to bring 43. I'm hopeful this is just a passing feeling. I'm hoping I don't suddenly struggle with my age and mortality and all that. I'm trying to avoid a full-blown midlife crisis. Check in with me in a few days once I've had time to really process that I'm 44.

I have a lovely day ahead of nothing planned. I might shop a bit. I might get a mani/pedi. I might just putter around the house. Tonight, the fella + his kiddo are taking me out to dinner, so I have that to look forward to later. Tomorrow, I'm celebrating with Kel + Jake. My friends have already taken good care of me, so I know how lucky I am yo have people in my life who love and care for me.

44 years old? Dang. Maybe I should start the day by coloring my hair...


  1. 44 is a nice number. Even, symmetrical, not as "momentous" as those that end in fives or zeros. I'm four years older than you and when a high school classmate said, "Can you believe we're pushing 50?" I answered, "Heck, yes, I'm pushing 50 . . . as far away from myself as I can." hahahahaha Hope you have an awesome day. So nice to be off work!

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy every minute of it! I turned 44 in January and its been pretty good to me so far!

  3. Happy Birthday Tiffany!! Enjoy YOUR day and your fall break. Sounds like perfection to me!!!

  4. Happy Birthday!!! You aren't old but I totally get what you mean. I'm 53, turning 54 on Sunday. It's what I call the "downhill slide" towards a significant number. 53 isn't so bad. 54 is starting the slide towards 55 which makes it feel older. Same with 48 not seeming bad but 49 is sliding towards 50. It's all a silly numbers game that we play in our heads. We're still here and healthy....that's what's most important. :-) I hope you have a wonderful dinner out!