Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fall Break Plans and Goals

Fall break is halfway over, and I'm just now getting around to writing and sharing my goals/plans. There's your sign. Do I feel guilty for not being more productive?mabsolutely not. Rest and relaxation should be the primary goals of vacation time, I think. Of course, I do have a few goals/plans for the next six days of fall break bliss, but you'll see that I'm not going to strain myself too much.

Today: make garland, clean out fridge, take all trash/recycling to curb, run errands, go dress shopping with Kel, celebrate my bday with Kel & Jake

Tomorrow: meet Travis for coffee and a chat, run errands, put finishing touches on my studio space, photograph/video scrapbook studio space, clean house, put out fall decor

Thursday: blog ahead, update planner, photograph anniversary shots for fella's parents, go on a date night with the fella for my bday

Friday: enjoy a crafty day at home

Saturday: sort and organize household paperwork, run errands, visit Vonda, spend evening with the fella

Sunday: catch up on laundry, spend evening with the fella

And then it's back to work and my real-life schedule on Monday. I'm pretty glad that I decided not to travel during this break. I've been plenty busy and entertained right here at home. Do you/your kids have a fall break? How do you usually spend it?

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  1. we do not have fall break in my area of Iowa, there was a professional development day on Friday where the kids were out & the staff went to a nearby college to hear a speaker, there will be another on at the beginning of November & then we have 4 days off for Thanksgiving weekend. Every Wednesday all school year (Aug-May) the kids get out an hour early for the staff to have meetings.